The Club organised several meetings to explain the state of the development of the new tennis facilities. This page will be updated when new information becomes available.

March 25, 2023

The Construction Certificate has been approved in March 2023. The neighbours were informed about potential starting dates for the construction.

Letter to Neighbours ( 25-26 March 2023)

Construction Traffic Management Plans

DA Update

DA Approval (5/10/22)

Further information available from the Mosman Portal DA No: 8.2021.10.1

DA Resubmission

The Club is working towards resubmitting the DA by the end of August. A Summary of the information is provided:

The DA was submitted in January 2021

Letter sent to Neighbours (14/2/2021)

Development Information (DA)

Meeting 26/11/2020

Minutes of the Meeting

Invitation to neighbours

DA Presentation

Feedback to the Club’s committee:

DA Proposal

Letter to Neighbours 12-9-2019

Meeting Held 4th of June

Invitation to Neighbours

Summary and conclusions

Report from Tennis New South Wales

Meeting held 3rd of March 2019

Invitation to Neighbours

Development Information

Meeting Summary